The Compactor Company Inc. is a full commercial refuse handling dealer and service company specializing in the waste management industry with a full range of operations in sales, services and engineering. The Compactor Company is fully licensed and insured and has provided refuse and compaction service since 1972. In 1984, with a continued demand for services in the waste management industry, Gary Stahl, President and CEO decided to incorporate his service company into The Compactor Company Inc., a privately owned corporation.

In an industry where reliability is critical and an immediate response is expected, The Compactor Company's professionalism and performance are widely recognized. From. a project's beginning to its completion The Compactor Company's personnel provides the highest level of skilled commercial waste management services available.

The Compactor Company maintains offices and. repair facilities in Westbury, New York and a Satellite office in Bedford County Virginia. Shop facilities are, utilized for maintenance and fabrication of equipment, instrumentation, and. materials. There is ample, storage space for equipment and supplies. Support and administrative staff are available at both locations.

Administrative support includes two offices & one repair center. The latest work processing system provides access to computers for full data analysis A fully equipped, well staffed. graphics facility Is also maintained on site. Working together, these facilities are capable of generating documents, viewgraphs, and other materials in response to project needs.

The Compactor Company utilizes only the best equipment for shop and field services, whether the job requires welding, design, construction or field service repairs. The Compactor Company's personnel is outfitted with the safest and most effective equipment available. We never use subcontractors. All work is performed by 'The Compactor Company personnel.

Gary Stahl President and CEO of The Compactor Company, Inc. is a qualified licensed contractor with over twenty years experience in the waste management industry. His knowledge, contacts, and reputation have established a very strong and respected presence for The Compactor Company in the industry. He is responsible for corporate and administrative management, including review, analysis, marketing and sales. He directly developed and implemented the company's administrative and technical procedures, and quality control. Mr. Stahl oversees the development of technical proposals, reports, budget, project cost analysis, technical presentations, and source selection of manufacturer's products and services. He negotiates company contracts with Federal, State, and Local Agencies and joint venture contract agreements. He directly participates in all operations and cost tracking, to the project's completion. The relationship and inter-company cooperation between The Compactor Company and manufacturers has enhanced our reputation, image, capabilities, and services throughout the industry.

The Compactor Company operations personnel consist of professionally trained mechanics, certified welders and experienced management personnel. Our mechanics are well versed in dealing with refuse repair and service. We provide service and installation; complete roll off equipment; & fabrication and repairs. 

The office of William H. Wishinsky, Certified Public Accountant provides professional accounting services to The Compactor Company. Mr. Wishinsky is very knowledgeable and experienced in waste management, and real estate transactions. His personal attention and knowledge has benefited The Compactor Company with guidelines and direction applicable to maintain good business practices.

Jonathan Handwerger, Account Manager of Handwerger & Sons Insurance Company is responsible for The Compactor Company's insurance coverage. They are attributed with providing The Compactor Company with the most beneficial and affordable insurance coverage available.

The Compactor Company recognizes and emphasizes the importance of disciplined financial management. Our process focuses attention on job estimating, cash management, and generally accepted accounting procedures.

The Compactor Company is fully aware of good accounting controls and is constantly reviewing and looking for ways to improve. Job Cost Tracking Sheets have been implemented to record and track all costs.

The process of assuring adequate margin on each project begins with the initial estimate. It is important that estimating be done by those individuals with experience and knowledge to the project. All projects are collectively reviewed and discussed by appropriate personnel to insure awareness and understanding.

The Compactor Company Inc. owns and operates its own service department, using no subcontractors. We provide service on Portable Compactors, Stationary Compactors, Cardboard Balers, Waste Destroyers, Shredders, Disintegrator Systems, Roll Off Systems, Transfer Stations, Recycling Systems, Odor Control Systems, and Containers. For over 20 years now, The Compactor Company Inc. has been bringing its customers the best machines built with experience, quality and care.

The Compactor Company offers a professionally trained staff, radio dispatched service vehicles, expert welders, same day service, custom fabrication, free estimates and service agreements. Our vehicles are fully stocked with O.E.M. parts and replacement parts. Estimates are given on the spot and all repairs are guaranteed. The Compactor Company stands behind its work 100%.

Service is where we started and service is still the basis of our business. We have the people, we have the service and we have a Hot Line that will bring them to you ... without delay. Just call 8008782773.


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